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The real estate questions are really enjoyable and creative.  Here is a recent real estate question that asked and answered:

What is the best advice for someone getting into real estate?

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Residential property could have either a single family residences or multifamily properties that is offered for profession or for non-business uses. Residences can be categorized by, if, and how they are connected to adjoining residences and land. Different kinds of housing period can be used for the same physical type. As an example, connected residents might be occupied by the owner and or rented out to tenants, or owned separately with an arrangement covering the connection in between systems as well as usual locations and also concerns.

In residential real estate the competition can be fierce.  Listing Generation System teaches real estate agents how to get real estate transactions with no competition.

Here are some video’s from Listing Generation System that will teach you how to get real estate listings with no competition.